Creative Wrting Essay

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As we passed the traffic lights I could see my friends’ dabbing on their makeup in the rear mirror. Our suitcases were packed in the boot of my dad’s car. “Growing up is never easy”. This is the excuse my parents used in order to send me to this spiritual camp. It all started when aunty J asked me what I wanted to become at the diwali party. I anxiously replied I don’t know. That’s it my parents decided to take Aunty J’s advice and send me on this spiritual camp. Apparently it was all about discovering yourself and your goals in life. The following morning I heard ladies gossiping in the kitchen. When I walked in Aunty J suddenly announced this labour weekend Varsha, Dia and Jas will be going to camp. My heart sank. The seats on the bus weren’t very comfortable. At least I have my friends, I reminded myself. The bus was loud with bollywood music but my thoughts were running in circles like a rollercoaster. I dint understand why, when everyone decided their intermediate graduation dress, I had to decide what I was going to graduate at university. I decided to have a chat with Dia, to lighten myself but she was too worried about the guys she was going to meet at camp. The music suddenly stopped and as always our Indian bus driver missed our motel entrance. We drove up to a round about and came back to enter our destination. As I stepped down I felt a faint vibe hit me, clouds below my feet and angels all around. The motel staffs showed me, Jas and Dia into our rooms. As I turned my back to the door, my heart skipped a beat. The sun was like an inspirational fire in the sky. It was like a powerful symphony quieting down becoming more emotional and beautiful as it died down. However I wished my thoughts would quiet down too. At dinner time I learnt we were put into a group with random people. A gush of anxiety again entered into my polluted brain. That night when

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