Creative Writing Short Story Essay

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Idea Hunting Olivia drummed her fingers across the edge of her laptop, a scowl of uncertainty fixed on her face in permanent displeasure. Her gray gaze flickered across the bright screen as she searched for an answer she knew wouldn't be there. A moment of silence passed before she groaned and leaned back, slouching against the chair of the desk she was using. The rough draft for her short story was due in mere days and she didn't even have an idea on what to write about. No, that wouldn't be accurate. She had plenty of ideas but every single one of them didn't have enough support. None of them had any back up ideas. They were too simple and plain, and she couldn't think of a clever way to stretch them out. So now she was here, frustration gnawing at her as she struggled to come up with something good to write about. Another muffled groan escaped her partially closed lips and she rubbed her hands over her head before getting up and slinking out of her room. Her dark hair was the definition of 'cluttered mess' as it stuck up and out in all directions of the earth. When she opened the door and took a couple of steps out, she was greeted by the friendly smile of her grandmother, who was sitting at the kitchen table reading. “Hey Olivia,” she greeted in her normal, polite tone. The elder woman couldn't be rude if her life depended on it, and that trait about her made Olivia smile. The younger girl smiled halfheartedly and nodded in return, but the lack of a speech related response caused her grandmother to frown. “What's wrong?” Olivia shrugged and sat down on the cold tile floor, tucking her feet in to warm them up. “I can't come up with an idea for a short story,” she said, her tone one that would belong to someone giving up. A look of deep thought settled on her grandmother's weathered face before she brightened up and smiled at Olivia once more. “Pirates!

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