Creative Writing: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

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“A Not So Happy Holiday” Alysha McElroy-Hodges “Hello? Yeah, I’m at the library trying to get this copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss for Krystal. Mhm. Yeah, bye.” “Mr. Maynard,” the elder librarian squeaked, “Your movie is right over here, would you like me to ring this up for you?” “Yes, Ma’am.” “Well, honey, I’m almost ready, give me just a few minutes.” She hobbled over to the young lady with the long brown hair and helped her configure some numbers for the new system. “Joseph, do you have your library card with you? If so, may I see it please?” The aged librarian croaked. “Oh yes Ma’am. Here you go.” As Joseph handed the card to the librarian she gestured towards the chestnut haired young…show more content…
Joseph laughed and watched Kristin take control, just like her mother. He walked further in and followed through to the family room and saw his mother Cecelia, father Paul and sister Krystal and her husband John. “Joseph Maynard!!! My brother, did you bring my movie, babe?” Exclaimed Krystal. “Here you go, sis. Now give me a hug, it’s been months, right? You look great! You too, John.” They all laughed and smiled, and held small talk about life and the previous year. Also discussed possible New Year’s resolutions for 2013. Following that conversation, he ran behind his mother, during her preparation of food and squeezed her into a hug so tight, that there was no doubt of his love for her. “Mom, you look awesome, how are you?” “Oh, honey. I’m fine and tired. Taste this.” He tasted it and said: “Just delicious. You the best, Momma. The best.” He let her resume cooking and put his dad in a head lock. He held him in, until his father punched him in the side. “Oww dad. Jeesh, you’ve been working out, I see?” “Haha, yeah. I’m no amatuer anymore.” “So, I heard Kristin talking about someone, you brought? Who’s this person? Male or female?” “Oh honey, why would you say that?” said…show more content…
She had a miscarriage before, so the doctors didn’t know their chances. On February 12, 1982 in Bright Hospital she bore a beautiful baby girl and boy, however, with no job and low unemployment benefits, she had to keep only one. She prayed, yet, couldn’t find an answer. So, she decided to move to the United States and she took her son, Joseph Banks. She found a job at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, Burton and Michaels. She was brand new to the city, and to the country, but, found a new life for herself and her baby. There wasn’t a day that she didn’t think about her baby girl, Idina

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