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Bowling Stoned: So Ninja, may I call you Ninja? Where were you born? What's your story? Ninja Soup: You may call me Ninja but you don't look me directly in the eyes or make any sudden movements.... It's hard to say where I came from, their is a school of thought that I was raised by sewer rats [gives a puzzled look] some people think I came from a tribe of Navajo Indians, but I believe it was my mother from which I was originated from. B.S.: How do you feel about the sudden success of "409" and the steady rise in sales for your other band, "I Forgot to Put the Seat Down"? Soup:'s hard to say since I haven't really been out in public since it all happened. [pauses] Are we punk rock yet? B.S.: But it's been months! Soup: Yeah. [pauses] I have HBO. B.S.: But surely you must read, your face is all over the media! Soup: Oh yeah, I read yesterday in the Enquirer that I have a secret conjoined twin that they photoshop out of all the photographs. [laughs nervously] And it is very weird to turn on the television and see your face staring back at you...but it's okay because now I have the riches and the bitches! [enthusiastic smile] Don't print that. B.S.: You just got back from your tour in Europe with "I Forgot", how was that? Soup: Slutty. B.S.: Care to elaborate? Soup: Fuck off. [pauses for 25 minutes] Our time is up. B.S.: You have to give me more than that! Soup: Why? B.S.: People will think you're an arrogant asshole. Soup: So? B.S.: No one will buy your records if they think you're an asshole. Soup: Axl Rose is an asshole but people still bought Guns N' Roses albums. B.S.: Yeah but look at him now. Soup: [gets scared buggy eyeballs] Okay, you have like 30 more minutes. B.S.: So are you a Guns N' Roses fan then? Soup: Fuck no! Is anyone anymore? I mean maybe if they didn't sound like they came

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