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A day at the Pools. “Its here, there’s a fucken fish here” Rory’s muffled yelp wafted across the jagged surface of the rock pools. I looked up to were his voice was coming from, a large crater of a rock pool that’s lush underwater vegetation stood out against the otherwise barren landscape of the bland rock. My heart thumped, I was ecstatic as I stood up out of the shallow rock pool that I had been endlessly combing for fish, leaping out I bounded over the jagged rocks almost slipping several times on the slimy layer of rubbery looking seaweed that coated every foot of the rocks, stopping at the deep bottomless rock pool in which Rory was frantically splashing around. We had finally found it! I leapt in to the slimy, dark and alien world of the rock pool. Submerging my face in the ice cool water, letting my long brown hair float about me in the water, the suction of my blue goggles immediately taking place. I am mesmerized by the foreign landscape that is before me. Rory immediately snaps me out of my daze, urgently thumbing me on the shoulder. I look at him and as he outstretches his arm that is covered in goose bumps and he points towards a dark serrated alcove in the hefty mysterious rock pool from which a dark brown slimy eel like head protrudes, its eyes lie deep in the back of the creatures head, it almost snarls with its wide mouth that is filled with serrated teeth, the creatures body still remains hidden with in the dark, rough alcove. Suddenly in a split second and with a swift movement of its tail the fish darts from its hidey-hole leaving a small trail of sand behind that slowly sinks back down to the ground. The fish begins darting around the deep rock pools floor frantically seeking a way out, but to no avail. It was fast and precise with its movement but Rory was faster and deadly accurate with his spear. a quick thrust and Rory has driven his

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