Creative Writing Essay

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Changed Chapter 1 Late Again? 7:45am. Of course I'm late again. Can I make up another excuse why I'm late, my dog ran off with my shoe? What I don't even own a dog. How about I went to the dentist? They always believe that one. "Hello Lily, why are we late this time?" Mrs. Connor, the attendance lady, said. "Hey Mrs. Connor, my mom said she called the office and said that I went to the dentist." I said. Mrs. Connor knew I was lying but she marked my tardy as an excuse anyways. She looked a little bit more tired than she usually did. I noticed that she didn't have her good morning puppy dog mug in front of her. She most likely didn't have time to get herself coffee. I walk into class and all eyes go directly to me. They look at me as if I have big booger on my forehead. I wanted to let them all know that I was not crazy I was just late. As usual. All the seats were taken except for the far left corner. I didn't want to sit in the back and get the wrong impression that I was a bad student. But I sat down anyways. I sit down in the cold plastic chair. I get out my notebook and writing pencil. I have no idea what is going on the classroom but I pretend as if I do. I look around and I notice that the person I'm sitting next to has written a whole page. Great now that really makes me look bad. I just stare as he is writing in his messy penmanship. He is wearing a red and blue plaid shirt with dark jeans. He had light brown hair with bright blue eyes. He looks over and I turn my head quickly to act as if I was not staring. "Hi, I'm Logan. You just walked in and you look a little lost to me. Do you want me to help you get caught up?" said Logan. "Hey I'm Lily! Yeah I was running late this morning and I'm new to this semester. I just switched out of my other elective. Do you mind

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