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Light flickers in darkness The cold rainy winds carried their strangled screams and faint voices. The flashes of light in the darkness. The windows constantly opening and closing their gaping maws. The blood dripping from the eyes of those trapped within a canvas made of sorrow and dread. Spiders wove their tales of woe in a code only the dead and the dying could read. While I sat here listening to the water droplets growing larger and falling frequently. The wooden door creaked slowly open and echoing footsteps invaded this dreadful night that hung like a cloak around the house. A thick carpet of dust clung to every object, the rays of light shining from the distance catching on the particles suspended in the stagnant air. He moved deliberately, dust billowing into clouds as he passed. He continued to move through the house, kicking up more dust and until he found my pillow on the floor gazing at it. He began to jump towards me as he grinds his teeth, making sinister sounds that brought pain to my ears. My heart raced uncontrollable as I knew he was going to get me. His bony paw reached out for me, hearing his laugh, a cruel, cold cackle that froze me in my spot and drained all hope, dreams and feeling from within me, replacing them with a feeling of despair, hopelessness and most of all, fear. It's teeth tore through my blanket and saliva dripped on my face. It choked the breath from my lungs and left my body dry heaving, desperately trying to rid me of all this. Black mist swirled at the edges of my mind, drawing me into it's open arms and salty tears spilled over onto my cheeks leaving a tight, dry feeling. The monster's paw wrapped around my body and I screamed. Only I didn't. I strained my vocal chords but not a sound came out. Still I screamed, hoping someone would hear. I screamed and screamed but then I heard my saviour. Light began to emerge from the

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