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CREATIVE WRITING Kelowna Hospital August 1, 1958 Dear Samson, While you read this letter, I am no longer here but I have something to tell you. Do you remember the first time we met in the sunflower field? It was my first time listening to such a sorrowful violin. The image of you imprinted in my head like a painting so that I couldn’t keep myself moving forward to you. That summer, I always followed you, heard you play violin and tried my best to make you smile. Do you think that I was like a sunflower being attracted by the sun like you at that time? I believe that it is my fate to be a flower of the sun. When it was time to say goodbye, I didn’t cry, whereas, I wished for our reunion. Years later, I left the town to begin a new life of university. Once again, sunflowers had guided me to you. You looked different but you were still the sun of me. I not only experienced a wonderful time but also felt less lonely since I had you by my side. I am grateful because destiny let me meet you again. Thank you for being in my life. The most precious moment was when you proposed me right after the graduation ceremony. I was so happy to the corner of speechlessness. You also surprised me by holding the wedding in the sunflower field where we first met. Do you know that you made me the most happiest girl in the world? Every one watched and praised me when I walked in. For me, I only saw my bright sun waiting with the happiness in his eyes. We took our hands, exchanged our rings and swore to be happy together. While we danced the waltz, I heard the sunflowers singing joyfully to cheer for our love. It just seemed like yesterday. Thank you for bringing me those gorgeous memories. War came and took you away from me. I knew neither where you went nor when you came back. The only thing I felt was fear. I couldn’t say a thing nor could I

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