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Will you ever change? That was the question that I was once thinking about again. It was November 1st 2003 and the sun was shining brightly through the glazed double stained windows. I woke up by the deep fazed sound of you snoring away, was I dreaming as I reached out my hand to touch your blemished cheeks. Your face felt so soft just like the inside of a rose, you woke by ice cold hands and opened your bright baby blue eyes and glared into mine. This definitely was no dream it was as real as life itself. I wish I could have laid with you for hours. Huddled in your chest as I could slowly hear your heart beating fast as you pulled me in closer to you. We couldn’t though as there was work to be done.20 minutes later, still the only noise that echoed through the house was the ticking of the dining room clock. When I got home from work, as I opened the front door the sweet sensuous smell of roses lingered in the air. I slung my work bag on the sofa and walked up the stairs. The floor boards creaked as I stepped from one to the other. As I got further, I saw a glance of my bedroom and a light flickered. I wondered to myself what that was? Who was in my house? It couldn’t have been George as he’s not home from work till 8. I glanced at my watch - it was only half seven. All of a sudden I felt scared and anxious and grabbed the closest thing to me - the baseball bat slanted against the wall … As I walked toward my bedroom I held the bat tighter and then i heard a voice. It was familiar voice one I heard before then all of sudden I saw who was standing there it was no burglar, it was no family member and it wasn’t no stranger it was George. He came home from work early to make a romantic gesture cook a nice meal and run me a hot candle lit bath wow from that minute on this was my perfect man or so I thought. Later that evening when we was eating dinner George had

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