Creative Thinking And Problem Essay

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solving PHASE - I CREATIVE THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING (CPS) Introduction 1. A problem is a problem because there is no solution for it; more correctly, it is so because a solution is not ‘visible’. Therefore, we must find a ‘different’ solution. And ‘different’ means novel, i.e. creative. Creativity is the unbounded talent for thinking differently. It is the most potent force in our mind, which we traditionally have used very little of, because the need was not felt. The need is now actually felt in an increasingly knowledge based world where creativity is at a premium. Creative individuals think with greater fluency, more flexibility and originality. 2. Every human being, irrespective of age, intelligence, colour and faith is potentially equally creative. But he uses an insignificant part of his creative mind. Imagine what efficiency and morale the Army will have if we can use this power of every soldier and officer, not to mention civilians in defence forces. Meaning 3. In layman’s language creativity is ‘thinking differently or it is the imaginatively gifted recommendation of known elements into something new’. Therefore, it can be defined as “energizing connected mental communication to bring out something original, new and different”. It can now be summarized as “Creativity is keeping blocked minds open”. 4. Creativity is the ability to think fast, generate new ideas and deal with problems effectively. Creative abilities are useful for every human being in whatever occupation he is; some jobs however may not need them as much as other jobs. Creative achievement reflects a rare capacity for developing insight, sensitivity, and appreciation in a circumscribed content area of intellectual or artistic activity.’ 5. It was a common belief that creativity is an inborn ability. Various researches and experiments however have

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