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The First Stage: Searching for Challenges Answer the following questions in 75-words total: * What is the name of the community? What is the significance of this name? * Where is the community located? Is it remote, urban? What is the population? The community is located away from the city on a country side that does not have a lot of mixed cultures. The population depending on the time period could be no less than 100 people but no more than 1000. * What is the community threatened by? Why is there a perceived threat? The community is threatened by change, they are settled in their ways and are unsure of the positives that could come from introducing new cultures. The community is threatened by a new group of individuals that have moved into the area, the threat is there because they are afraid of change or the possibility of conflict and problems within their community. * Can you identify any other challenges? Another challenge that I could identify is that there are a lot of negatives that could affect the community, disease, infection, robberies and any time of trust issues. The Second Stage: Expressing the Problem or Issue Answer the following questions in 100- to 150-words total: * Who is going to the location? How did you select who is going there? The person that is going to the location is a trusted individual that can bring feedback to the community. The more headstrong or leader of the community would be the one to choose the individual who would go to investigate, it would almost be like an honor to the community. * How many people are going? Why that number of people? I would say a couple would go to almost impersonate a new family moving into the community and is un familiar with the area. * How are they going to get to the location? What materials are needed to build/create any type of

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