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Creative Thinking 1 Creative Thinking Assignment Week 4 Antwon Barnett HUM/111 March 2, 2014 Holly Leach 2 I would use the 7 strategies for applying creativity to problems and issues in addressing this topic by asking questions that most people may think are not so important, but will stand out to the public and force uncommon responses. Then I would say things that have no connection to Immigration Reform that will lead to immigration reform, this method is known as free association. I would use analogies next to compare immigration reform to other ways of citizenship. Then, I would look for unusual combinations of things that could happen. After that, I would visualize the solution on how each side can get what they want out of the situation. Also, I would construct pro and con arguments so I could analyze the situation from both sides. And finally. I would construct relevant scenarios for both sides to give the reader the “what if” type of feeling. I would first choose a few of the strategies that would make the reader wonder what if? I would use the strategies like using analogies, constructing relevant scenarios, and looking for unusual combinations. I think that these strategies would be effective because, they all could spark a picture in the mind of the reader as to say “if the immigration reform passed, the country would be like this…” Not being bias on the situation but to at least giving readers from both sides for and against the reform a chance to grasp each sides views and thoughts. First off I would force uncommon responses during an interview with a person

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