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Running Head: QUESTIONING AND INVESTIGATION 1 Questioning and Investigation Dommie HUM/111 Becca Wise November 11, 2013 Questioning and Investigation 2 Residing in a new suburban community can offer many amenities for its residences. For example, living close by stores or even a big city can be helpful to families who have little or no transportation. Not having to drive far to get the things they need or being able to walk to the store for groceries or other goods, like individuals who reside in the country, can be reason enough to want to live in a suburban community. Individuals who live in this type of community may feel a sense of security. Who wouldn’t feel safe in a community? Neighbors helping each other and offering support to each other. But, when random people in the community start to fall ill, this can lead the residences to wonder why some individuals are sick and some are not. Some of the questions that might be asked to help figure out what happened and if there is something wrong with the land or houses. Solving the problem of why random children and elderly people are getting sick will be difficult to solve, because there are a lot of questions to ask and people to interview to determine the root of the problem. There are many questions to ask before this problem can be solved, but before questioning can take place we should first think about the fact that we do not have any clues about why the people have contracted the sicknesses. Questions that I would ask will vary depending on the individuals that I meet with. The first thing to do is investigate what this land was used for before the community was built. Also, finding the land owners to ask them questions regarding what they plan to do about this situation. The plan is to go to the public library and find old newspapers or documents about the history of the land,

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