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Critical Thinking Steve Hymer MGT350 11-14-11 Ken Pinaire Critical Thinking “Just do it this way or I’ll get somebody else to!” This is not something a manager wants to hear from his superior. This is what was said to me not too long ago on-the-job-site and was that ever the wrong thing for my superior to say. My superior was not using “critical thinking” when he said this. I used to work for a company that recycles retired telephone cable from the manhole systems in the streets of every major city in the United States. These cables used to carry the long distance calls between central offices on their way across cities and states. These copper cables have, over the last 15 to 20 years, been replaced with fiber optic cables and are not used anymore. The company I worked for cut out the splice cases, pulled out the cables, processed them, and sold them to China as scrap copper cable. The process for doing this kind of work is complicated and requires a lot of verification and experience on the part of the employees doing the work. There are specific steps required to make sure that the cables are in fact not being used anymore. These steps involve starting at one end where the cable has been cut dead and in ends. The process dictates placing an audible tone generator on the end and going to the next manhole and finding this generated tone with the appropriate amplifier. The process, never to be deviated, from or it could lead to major out of service disruptions at the phone company. Our company has proven this method works for years and the only time we have an accident is when someone deviates from the process. I have been in this business for 30+ years I use critical thinking in every part of my job. I weigh the consequences of

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