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SOLVE A PROBLEM TATYANA DIZENGOF PHI 458 11/12/2012 DAVID McCARTHY Ph.D. SOLVE A PROBLEM V. Ruggiero in his “ The art of thinking: A guide to critical and creative thought “ Chapter 5 depicts four stages of creative process to solve a problem: 1) search for challenges which are everywhere in our social life such as understanding and dealing with our children, forcing ourselves to lead a healthy-life style, work life: dealing with difficult co-workers, bosses, subordinates, keeping up with the workload and deadlines, 2) expressing the challenge or issue , 3) investigating problem or issue – gathering information, looking for prior experience and 4) producing the ideas, the more the better to choose the best. (Ch. 5 p.105). Search for challenges as book mentions and life proves they are everywhere. We encounter problems every single day from getting child to school on time, ourselves getting to work on time, meeting daily things to do list, getting work out by deadline, leading healthier life-style, the list could go on. We get things done and solve problems, but creative people do it with more originality using imagination. For example to get ready for the day in the morning, I created a game for my son where if he gets up on time, gets dressed on his own and once again on time he would get a reward (a cookie, a puzzle). This allows me to get more things done in the morning before leaving to work and thus when I come home in the evening I have some time to spend with my little darling talking and listening (we both enjoy it greatly) instead of continuing on my chores. I chose today challenge of improving life-style choices in order to battle developing diabetes. Expressing the challenge or issue , posing it in form of question and play with wording the questions in a different ways as a way to elicit as many ideas as possible to choose the best and

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