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Creative Thinkers Paper Creative Thinkers Paper One can find a great deal of insight in philosophy, especially if one is willing to approach the topic with an open mind. It is interesting that the creative minds of the great philosophers, in their time, produced many controversial opinions of life and existence, even to the point of imprisonment but later in time they have been heralded as great thinkers. It defies logic at times how these philosophers came to be regarded as such great thinkers with the constructs of their work based merely upon assumption. With what appears to be a great amount of creativity these great thinkers set about the process of creating supporting arguments for their assumption based entirely in logic yet the foundation of the logic is still, based upon assumption,. Creative indeed. It is from these assumptions that perhaps some of the most controversial philosophy has emerged. Two such controversial philosophers were Jean Paul Sartre (1905-1980) and Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1872 – 1970). Their Contributions to Society Jean Paul Sartre Sartre’s career in philosophy was based upon existential phenomenology from which he examined what it is to be human. Phenomenology is a distinctive method to study structural features of experience and things experienced (Smith, 2009). For example, we know what it is like to be angry but there is no way to know what it is like to be a rock. Sartre’s work was a departure from other works in this area most notably the works of Husserl’s concepts of the self and interest in ethics (Onof, 2010). Sartre concludes that man is thrust into existence through no choice of his own. From this point of existence forward and through a sequence of choices made of free will, man defines his essence to serve the self (in-self) within the context of how these choices relate to something else (for-itself)

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