Creative Teaching Essay

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Creative Teaching The creative teaching means using innovative methods to teach students. The methods usually include playing a game, having outdoor activities and using body language. Therefore, many different Chinese high schools promote to use creative teaching. There are three main advantages for Chinese high schools to provide creative teaching. The first advantage is that creative teaching easy to catch students' attention in class. This leads to a high attendance rate. Students Magazine states that if students is interested in a teacher's education methods, students will attend the classes which are related to that teacher. Also few students fall sleep in class as they are attracted by the creative teaching. Students Magazine states that a high school which provides the creative teaching can help 80 percent of students to concentrate on classes. Furthermore, nobody will leave early as they are attracted to the novelty classes. "Creative teaching like an unimaginable magic, students cannot shift their eyes until last one minute." Liu Wei, a professor in SHIFAN university said. Students can get high grades through creative teaching. The students are likely to get high grades in the examinations as creative teaching helps them to have a impressed memory in their textbook. A true story from my friend Amy, he used to have low grades in the exams, until he attended a class that use an unique teaching style, he got 91 percent on the exam. What is more, graduate rates possibly higher than any other high schools which have not provide the creative teaching. It can be found in Students Magazine, it point out that nearly 95 percent of students graduated from their high schools with providing the creative teaching. But 75 percent of students graduated from their high schools without
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