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No Mercy I hopped into my jet black 1963 Corvette Stingray, that could vanish into the night within a snap of a finger. I was casually cruising around enjoying the clear night and its taciturn calmness. I came across a well lit drugstore, as I drove by; I peered inside and saw nothing but lawlessness. The white tiled floor had splashes of fresh blood and merchandise all over the place, it looked like a warzone. I diminished down to a snail’s pace to get a better observation of the situation. As I lingered a distraught store clerk emerged from a backroom hysterically barrelling for her life. Within a blink of an eye a decrepit decomposed looking man overwhelmed and made short work of the distressed store clerk. My instinct was go! I floored it, but the demonic being had seen me with its atrocious eyes and sprouted monstrous bat-like wings and it instantly shot up and gave chase! I was going well over 90km/hr within a matter of seconds and drove for my life. I narrowly missed 2 oncoming SUV’s before I apprehensively studied in my rear-view mirror. I only saw the isolation of night and the eeriness it brought with it. I didn’t see the monstrosity; I relaxed to a comfortable level and slowed down, I’ve just escaped what would surely have been death! Then just as fast as it had began, the winged animal was in front of my vehicle 2 blocks ahead staring me down with its piercing sanguine glare and flew straight for me at inconceivable velocity. I had no time to react before it was on top of my car ripping off the roof of my vehicle violently thrashing and smashing its hands to get to me. I sped off to try to tear the fiend off my vehicle, but before I could get to speed it ripped me out of my black leather seat and took me off into the engulfing

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