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Creative Response to Andrew Marvell's to His Coy Mistress Essay

  • Submitted by: dilanyildirim
  • on January 3, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Creative Response to Andrew Marvell's to His Coy Mistress" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Letter from His Coy Mistress Coming Out of the Shadow
(To His Coy Mistress, female body&otherness)

Dear Andrew,
I have read your poem the other day and ever since I’m thinking what to say in response to that. No matter what, I must say that it was pretty impressive, well-thought and well-written; thank you. I wanted to write this letter to you because it is easier this way for me to keep my thoughts organized and transfer them to you clearly. I'm going to take the liberty of assuming that I am this "coy mistress" and it wasn't a mistake that I've received the poem since there is nothing spesific in this poem that it was for me; not my name, not my traits, nothing. It's as if this poem could be sent to twenty girls and all of them could think that it was written only for them. At first glance I was moved by the depths of your art and how it was directed to me, by the level of creativity and intelligence too. You almost convinced me. Almost. The most significant reason for not succeeding is that the whole piece feels like a well-considered stream of logic only to attain you-know-what, it doesn’t feel genuine. You've approached my decision as something that needs to be changed, an "issue" to overcome and me as someone who needs to be convinced to do whatever it is that you think is right to do. To be fair, you do have good points about life’s being too short, our not having an eternity on earth, our need to seize the day in our very short lives. But I believe you missed a point: Just because we are not going to live forever does not mean that our only goal or source of joy is to have sex. I don’t ask you to spend 30 thousand years or even 10 for that matter into adoring me hopelessly without any response from me. What I do ask though is that you love me, respect my choices and wait as long as I need to while we continue to enjoy each other’s company. You do not sound sincere in this poem of yours. All I can hear inside my head is “I could say anything and...

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