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Creative project This song first caught my ear because of the voice, it sounds dreary and heartbroken, so I had to know what the words were to compliment such an inconsolable feeling. This song is about a broken marriage. My interpretation of the song starts out about “the dust has only just begun to form” meaning it is a fresh wound and the “crop circles in the carpet” meaning there are still imprints in the carpet from where his stuff was. The second verse is about how shocked she is by their significant other leaving. It also is how she has cried and how if the world felt her pain it would just stop because nothing else would matter but this loss. In the chorus hide and seek represents the game like nature of love and how she is now seeking again. I believe the train in “trains and sewing machines” stands for a wedding dress train and the sewing machine represents the work put into that train and the relationship itself. She also questions if these years were worth nothing because as long as they have been here it is so easy to end it. The third verse represents the pain of loss moments and how the absence of the moments hurt just as much as them being there. The next verse (after the chorus again) is her guard up when her significant other tries to explain and how she agrees that it is all for the best when she really feels that there is something missing. In the last few verses the “ransom notes” represent him telling her the things she wants to hear and not what he feels. She knows they are lies so she doesn’t believe him and she knows in her soul that he does not care anymore and it is no use in trying. She knows that you cannot play hide and seek by yourself and him not caring ends this game. Throughout the song hide and seek and the cruel game of love is displayed so the theme of my drawing is the endless game of hide and seek. The two kids are both

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