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Your Name Mrs. Vacante English 10 14 September 2013 A Kid With A Not So Average Story. One day on the very cold night with mists of fog leeming through the air was an average looking kid with one secret special talent that made him different than everyone else who was walking past a cemetery, but then he swore he kept hearing strange sounds coming from the cemetery. Dan is the kids name but he was fascinated by the sounds so he went to see what it was. Dan creeped up to a tombstone that was glowing green and he began to study it for a bit. Dan began to get closer and closer to the glowing tombstone and as soon as he touched it, suddenly everything went blank. What seemed like just moments after everything went black but was actually hours he awoke from his small slumber. As Dan slowly began to open his eyes, he began to realize but also couldn’t believe that he was in a different world. There was four moons in the sky and the sky was a light red color. As Dan started to stand up he saw a path leading up to a odd looking building. Right as Dan walked up to the door and was about to knock on it, it suddenly opened and an intelligent creature that looked like E.T was standing there. Before Dan could run away he was frozen by the creature and it began talk saying, “Dan, we have called upon you, the chosen one to undertake a treacherous journey to defeat the evil overlord Tokhaar-Xil”. Dan began to freak out with a bunch of mixed emotions and confused on what is going on. Dan took quite a few deep breaths and finally asked “why me? What do you want with me? I didn’t ask for any of this! Take me home now!” the creature name Haal-Kuul begins to talk and says “I’m am sorry young earthling, but we cannot take you home untill you the chosen one, frees our land from Tokhaar-Xil.”

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