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The black bars are disturbing my eyesight and the bright yellow bulb barges in on me. The wind is like a broom, cleaning all the sands, which are on the balcony. My hand seems to snatch a gust of wind, but it always escapes me. I cannot taste the wind, but it cleans my throat like a peppermint candy. The sound of cars and an aeroplane forms echoes in my ears and the sound remains. The flowers are wagging and welcoming me. The beauty of the flower charms my eye and their fragrance follows me around. Suddenly two men’s vague shapes appear through the mist. As time passed their shadows are getting closer. The first man is tall, thin and a fine gentleman. His blazer flutters in the wind and spins around restlessly. Shiny, well-polished shoes click against the solid balcony floor. A strong scent of perfume is redolent all over his body. A scarf covers his face, but his big red nose and anxious, bloodshot eyes stand out. Nevertheless, calmness and serenity fasten themselves upon his face. The eagerness to repay a lifelong debt keep him moving forward. Step by step, he climbs the stairs and leans upon the balustrade. He looks around restlessly with unsteady eyes. He is craving to find someone, anyone. There is an old tube station and a man walks out slowly, looking weary and tired. The second man is small and fat. His face is covered in mud with a despairing look on it. His wrinkles give the sense that he is muddling through the bitterness of life. His clothes look like rags, that haven’t been washed for years. The eyes can’t meet properly with another’s as they always give a malevolent look. Yet tonight, he must face a man; a meeting with someone who may give him a second chance in life. I’m in an intimate friend with the first man, as well as a colleague. He had wanted to find this elusive man to repay him for his kindness. I had promised to find his old

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