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Creative writing “Singapore Airways flight 121: economy class is now boarding”. That was my call. The time had finally come for me to leave my sleepless nights and anxious days behind. It had been thirteen months since my beloved wife, Julia had disappeared. She was assumed dead, but police had never found her body. I shuddered at the thought. I had been clinging onto the hope that she was out there, somewhere, for far too long, so I had packed up all that I needed and was making my way to Singapore, where I had been offered the position of Partner with a Singaporean law firm. I hauled my belongings up to the desk and handed my ticket to the flight attendant for verification. I said a silent goodbye to my homely Adelaide, the place I had never left in my twenty-four years. The flight attendant typed my confirmation code into the computer, and her harmonious voice questioned whether I would like to be upgraded. I cast my eyes upon the inquisitor; there was an instant connection, as though we'd known each other for years or, as they say, in a previous life! Not that I believe in that stuff. I think you only get one chance at life, which was partly why I was catching this plane, at this time. I needed a change! I agreed to the change of seats. She giggled. “Row 4, Seat d by the window, I’ll remember that. I’ll come pay you a visit once we’ve taken off.” I felt complimented. A beautiful woman like that; any man would. As I returned her smile, I studied her face; perhaps it wouldn’t be as easy as I’d hoped to escape my thoughts of Julia.
 The plane was now set for takeoff. With the deep roar of the engines the plane was in motion and I was thrown back into my seat, my pale white hands clutching the arm rests, holding on for my life. My surroundings were shuddering, but we gradually settled, and I looked out the window to see that we were airborne; my journey had begun.

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