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It's gone. Waking up this morning, I didn't suspect a thing. At least, not until I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I knew something was wrong, I didn't hear the familiar clinking of the key and dog tag when I walked. I stopped abruptly, reaching in my t-shirt to feel the familiar rough chain hanging from my neck with the dog tag still attached but the key was not there anymore. Shit. I could feel my face heating up, with all the blood rushing to my cheeks, and beads of sweat rolling down from my forehead, nervousness clearly written on my face. I frantically look around, thinking 'I better find the key before going to the briefing, otherwise that'll give the old crank another reason to make me sit outside the cockpit. I tried recalling the last time I had it with me, last night? No, maybe not, I remember not having it when I was in the shower and thought I had left it on my bed side table. Shit, someone must have taken it while I was showering! They could've broken into the cockpit and changed the settings around so we will crash and die! Double shit. I looked at my watch, 15 minutes till training and I have not changed, not had breakfast yet and still haven't found my key. Deciding I would change and do all the presentation stuff before going back to find my key, I got changed into my uniform, look smart then go back into frantic mode and continue to search for my key. Unfortunately for me, every key is engraved with our initials, so I can't use the 'after they've checked you've had your key can you pass it to me under the table' trick. They would know for sure. 7 minutes. Far out, where the hell did I put it? I quickly ran to the training room and praying to get there before the instructors. No such luck. There were already there discussing something I guess had to do with the class today. Ok, I just need to stay calm and pretend nothing is

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