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Christine Kao They were late. Alisha and Robin waited in anticipation for the arrival of their new parents. The rectangular shaped, delicately wrapped object looked as if it was going to snap in Alisha’s hands, wrinkles appeared on the surface of the sapphire blue ribbon. “Calm down, and remember not to stutter when you see them.” Robin muttered. She could not understand her brother. How could he remain so composed? The tension was killing her. After what seemed like a life time, there they were. The woman was short, wearing a blue dress which complimented her eye colour and the tall, bald man beside her wore a black suit with overly polished shoes. Both of them wore warm expressions and seemed to welcome Alisha and Robin, but although their lips smiled, their eyes did not. Alisha observed the ease of Robin’s interaction with the strangers, how he could just joke and talk like they had known each other forever. Robin looked at his twin sister. They were almost identical, yet so different. The spotlight belonged to him. *********** The unusually cold summer day marked the beginning of their peaceful family trip during the holidays. Just the usual complains about car trips and the stupid repetition of “are we there yet?” Their lives were shattered so quickly and easily with a screech from the tyres and the crash that followed. Before Alisha lost consciousness, she saw the bloodied hands of her mother reaching for her. She woke up in the hospital with Robin still in deep sleep, when the dreadful news of her parents’ death led to an insidious black oblivion. *********** Nothing changed after the first week of their arrival. Alisha envied Robin, chatting away with the new friends he made in school, while she had lunch alone. She hated it here, hated the sandwich the woman made for her and her hair the man combed that morning. Suddenly she heard a

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