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We have lots of different musical instruments which the children love to make different sounds and noise and the even try to create their own sounds, we also have cd players and do dancing with the children which helps them physical development. Small world play is also good and the children are very creative as they take on the role of dinosaurs and farm animals. Creative role play, the children can be very creative in the role play and they will take on the roles of their parents or play schools were one will be the teacher and others will play the part of one of their friends this builds up confidence, friendships and how they see us as adults, they also pretend to take care of dolls as if they was the mummys and daddys. Outdoors is set out in 3 areas the decking, concrete and the climbing frame, the decking is based for the non-mobile children but is also used as a creative area where we have paints and chalks out so they can draw pictures, the concrete area is where we have the bikes, scooters and cars, we also do activities with them such getting a football out or even the big parachute, and the climbing frame has 2 different sized slides and is accessible for any age group (as long as they are able to walk by themselves), we also have lots of different balancing beams and stepping stones to help with their development and achievements. There is also a range of toys for outdoors such as story books, toy cars, dolls house ect. Art, mark making, drawing and painting can benefit a child’s fine motor and pincer skills, we use many different materials including paint, crayons, chalk, stickers pencils and they can draw, paint, finger paint and much more and they feel a sense of achievement when they have finished their work and they are always given praise and we discuss what they have painted this allows them to not only become confident in art but also in

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