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Robin loved soccer he couldn’t believe it, taken him to the age of 10 to work out what wonderful thing soccer was, soccer was the best. The dew on the grass in the cold July morning the mist in the air parents on the sideline cheering historically. Boys running up and down the soccer field kicking the ball, for Robin this was utopia, this was the best possible place ever invented for a 1p year old boy and he loved it. Every morning every evening he would ask his parents how many more sleeps for Saturday. He loved his soccer he worshiped his soccer, soccer was the best. Soccer was the place to be until he met Steve... Robin had heard the boys talk a concept quite fondly the terminology needed an explanation grand final apparently it conveyed the facts who had done rather well during the season to be totally honest. Robin didn’t have the most greatest idea, if whether they had won or lost the game what he did know was, the ball had crossed bounced on him and gone into the net in other words it would have been a goal, this is wonderful because his parents would spoil him right after. Robin had worked out that the grand final conveyed something disappointing this meant the season was coming to an end, he worked out by now that good things must end but mum and dad had ensured him that next season would come quickly, enough everyone else seemed highly excited about the grand final, frankly Robin just wanted the season to continue to infinity, but they were all happy, if they all impressed it would have been something for Robin to just go along with, he looked forward to his last Saturday of the season the grand final, until he met Steve… Thursday afternoon practice sometimes as much fun as the game itself the chance after the rears of the fourth class to run around in a more informal setting, but there’s something different with them was another boy with them previously,

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