Creationism in School Essay

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Creationism needs to be taught in science curricula in the school. The advancements made in many fields of science not only fit the creation model better than the evolution model, but some are in direct contradiction to the evolution model. The newly made Information Theory posits that DNA information could only have been written by an orderly intelligent Creator. Also the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics demands a decrease of order and usable energy in the universe (the opposite is required by the evolution model). There are further complications when taken into account the strengths of planetary magnetic fields. These are just a few of the reasons as to why Creationism needs to be taught in our school systems. One controversial Theory to come out of the scientific community is Information Theory. Information Theory basically states that our genetic material (DNA) is a complex language filled with information. This is not far from true. DNA consists of four letters (ATCG). These letters combine in specific formation to make codes so that the cell can produce proteins. First a start code must be formed, and then follows the codes for the proteins, and then a stop code must end it. This consists of a translation process, copying process, and encoding process. A single pin drop of DNA holds more information in it than a fully stocked University library. It seems quite doubtful that this written information could have come about through random chance. The problem is further complicated when genetic mutations is taken into consideration. In order for evolution to occur there needs to be a genetic mutation that adds information to the genome. However, there are no genetic mutations that have ever done this at all. All mutations have ever done is shuffle information, make a copy of existing information, or lose information. Not one single genetic mutation has
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