Creation and Its Many Roles Essay

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Since the very beginnings of literature creation has been an idea that is the center of many stories and books. Stories of creation appear often throughout history, notice the works of Socrates and Plato, passages from the bible, or any number of other stories that speak of creation. One of the most important stories that pertain to creation is Virgil’s Aeneid. The creation of Carthage by Dido, the destiny of Rome’s creation by Aeneas, and the creation of Armor by Vulcan all play significant roles in the story. Carthage represents the hard work and true dedication that one must perform to forge their dreams into reality. Carthage was Dido’s dream and it was through her toils and focus that her new town was beginning to thrive into a prospective city. However, when Dido’s heart shifted from the love of her city to the love of Aeneas the cities construction came to a stand still. Towers half built, rose No farther; men no longer trained in arms Or toiled to make harbors and battlements Impregnable. Projects were broken off, Laid over, and the menacing huge walls With cranes unmoving stood against the sky (Aeneid 4.121-127) This quote implies before Aeneas’ coming warriors were being trained and towers and walls were being constructed to make Carthage into an impenetrable fortress and a marvelous city. But now that Dido’s ambitions had changed so had the ambitions of her people. It’s in these lines especially Virgil tries to emphasize how Dido’s distraction with Aeneas is hindering her original goal of founding Carthage It also emphasizes how distractions in ones own life can pull them away from what is really important. Aeneas also has the duty of creating a city. However, unlike Dido he is on his journey because he is fated to do so. There are multiple times when Aeneas’ destiny is foretold to him throughout The Aeneid. From the time he first
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