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Creation myths are stories about the beginning of the world and life itself. There are usually struggles between good and evil that occur in most myths. Myths such as The Yoruba, The Three People and the Statue, and The God Brings Fire to Man tell us about the formation of the world and the creation of humans. Some myths also deal with death such as Mother Barth and the Creator, and bad things coming to be in Pandora. In Pandora there is also the theme of hope that is portrayed at the end. All of these myths, as well as many others, help us to have an idea of how our world and life came to be. These creation myths have many different aspects. They have many common themes such as life, and gods or higher powers. These themes occur in every myth. There is always some form of life being formed and it is usually formed by gods or some sort of sacred being. The author’s characterization of the gods help us to form the idea that they were not all nice. Many of them said they knew everything and they ruled most of the world. The myths all use symbols, for example, the box in Pandora symbolizes evil as well as hope. As you can see creation myths have many different elements that effect the plot. Creation myths effect us in our lives as well as when they were being passed on from generation to generation. They all help us to make a generalization of how the world and our lives were created. These creation myths were the building blocks for myths that came later on. Creation myths can be related to our lives in many ways especially in our own beliefs. I particularly liked the glimmer of hope in the conclusion of Pandora because it is important for the society to feel a sense of hope during these troubled economic

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