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Creation By: E.O. Wilson The premise of the book is that it is a letter to a Southern Baptist pastor. Interlaced with the letter are pictures of nature, including rainforests, butterflies, bacteria, birds, fish, diagrams of insects, and maps to show biodiversity. Wilson is trying to appeal to the Southern Baptist pastor through scientific facts. The pictures and diagrams are to support Wilson’s argument that biodiversity is disappearing and to illustrate that we are the cause. Wilson draws on the similarities between himself and the pastor by highlighting that he himself had grown up in the Christian faith. He also highlights that they are both American and southerners. Wilson then goes on to explain their differences in worldviews. He describes the pastor as a, “…literalist interpreter of Christian Holy Scripture,” and himself as a secular humanist. Wilson’s main appeal for the book is to set aside these differences in order to save the Creation. He appeals to pastor by saying he needs his help. The main idea for the book/letter is that human activities are having a destructive effect on the planet. The plant and animal species are disappearing. He wants to unite religion and science. He poses that if these two forces were united in biological conservation, then the problem would soon be solved. His purpose in writing the letter to the Southern Baptist pastor is to argue the scientific side of why they should unite. Wilson argues for saving Creation because it is in humanity’s best self-interest. He explains that, Earth provides a self-regulation bubble that sustains us indefinitely without any thought or contrivance on our own. This protective shield is the biosphere, the totality of all life, creator of all air, cleanser of all water, manager of all soil, but itself a fragile membrane that barely clings to the face of the planet. Upon its

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