Creating Your Own Holiday

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Week 2 Application Bridget Greene Walden University Week 2 Application/Create Your Own Holiday Holidays and their meanings are special in many ways. For example, one that I have always been a favorite of as a child, is Christmas. The meaning of Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. As a child my father, a minister, taught us the meaning of Christmas at a early age. Although we knew the true meaning of Christmas, the gifts were more exciting than anything. People of the United States have routine activities related with certain holidays, for example, eating turkey on Thanksgiving. It was a time that an occasion had to be truly significant to merit a new holiday but now it can be done for whatever reason you desire. A holiday that I would like to create is “National Caffaine Free Day”. I declare this day to be celebrated on August 19th of every year. I chose this date because caffeine was discovered in 1819, August is the 8th month and the 19th, for the year. Caffeine was discovered by a German chemist, Friedrich Ferdinand Runge, in 1819 ( The purpose of this holiday is to stop the use of all caffeine on this day. Although caffeine has a few advantages, its diadvantages are more severe. Caffeine is one of the world’s most widely used drugs. It’s actually a psychoactive drug. Following reports that highly caffeinated energy drinks may have been linked to five deaths in the past three years, doctors are expressing concern about the high caffeine amounts ( Drinking caffeine tend to drive up our blood pressure and increase our heart rate greatly. As with other activities caffeine, give people problems with sleep. Caffeine can lessen your attention span and reduce your concentration.These types of drugs affect the body's central nervous system. Over the years, I have encountered so many people who are
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