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Creating Mythology that can be Understood Paul Elder (Doc) HCS/105 August 28 2014 David Hudson Creating Mythology that can be Understood Could one go on about the zodiac and find that there symbols could be the writings of their own mythology being. Chinese horoscope has given civilization a reading of what ancient beings have decided was our story, and as the modern world continues to believe these stories based on handed down or read stories could be the answer to our existence. According to its origin of the Hyan Dynasty, each animal and character live in its own created habitat. (Travel China, 2004) Does this create the basis of who we are and how we find ourselves in our own habitat, can we say that the zodiac has given us mythical stories of present day or are these stories recirculating. My creator is female. I know this because of the nurturing of life with a season of monsoons and hell two times a year. This creator has followed the ideas of what is now know as the human G_D. Taking the ways of long days and months to have created this world. I find that a woman would have taken their time to make sure we are in her eyes. She as the creator has tried to put a touch of carefulness and torture in the layouts of the land. A challenging equal balancing for the meek that she made to inherit the earth. These monsoons that come twice a year are for the equalization that is needed. A population control if I may. There is a spring time and a fall time all year around. The animals that are made in her eyes adapt to both of these seasons only. (Glory Amendola, 2012) Four times a year, there is an alignment of the sun, two moons and our planet that causes earthquakes and total darkness. These earthquakes cause tidal waves that she, G_D, made mountains and hill to climb up. We also have flooding for the lands to clear out the dead and debris from the

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