Creating Equality in Times of Globalization

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Creating Equality in Times of Globalization The world’s economy is constantly changing and evolving but it has never been expanding at the current pace. Globalization has created a demand for cheap labor, as the world has never seen. Corporations search the globe to find the country with the lowest standards, cheapest labor and most lax labor laws. Unfortunately, it is women for the most part who make the wheels of globalization turn. Globalization does however empower women to a certain extent by providing jobs and independence, which ultimately boosts the world’s economy. Globalization and economic development can be positive tools in the lives of women but neoliberal ideologies attached to globalization has led to the exploitation of the female labor force everywhere. More specifically, women in places like India and Bangladesh have little or no rights in the workplace and the work they perform has been compared to slave labor. The lack of knowledge plays a huge role in the growth of globalization and neoliberal policies. The western world for the most part has no idea what lies behind the clothes we buy and sell. Gender mainstreaming is a tactic that can be used to educate all people of the evils of globalization. Economic development and gender mainstreaming can be used to empower women economically and politically while simultaneously combating the negative effects of globalization. The challenge is to educate all people on what exactly is happening and most importantly the poor female labor force who are exploited everyday on their rights as women, as workers and as humans. Country Life expectancy (Birth)2005% Infant Mortality per 1000 peps % w/ HIV/AIDS of total pop. 1997 United States 80.4 6.8 20% Mexico 77.6 18.8 12 Turkey 73.6 23.6 N/A Country Women 20 to 64 in Labor Force, 2006 (%) % of Women who work more than 45hrs/week 2007 Total GDP in
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