Creating and Presenting Theme: Identity and Belonging Essay

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The issue of refugees coming into Australia has been a highly controversial topic among the government and the people of Australia. An asylum seeker is a person who has fled their own country and applied for protection as a refugee. It is actually legal to arrive in Australia by boat and claim asylum. They are not illegal migrants as many people believe. However, compared to other countries, Australia is currently accepting the least amount of refugees. Under new decisions, the Australian government is forcing asylum seekers to Thailand and other foreign countries so that they don’t deal with as many refugees. More asylum seekers should be allowed into Australia as Australia is available to help and it is a multicultural nation. Australia is very big and compared to the size of other countries (in comparison with its population), its population is minuscule. Yes, most of Australia’s land is not in living conditions, but there still is lots more room for these people, plenty in fact. Refugees do the population of Australia good. When they have children, they will most likely become Australian and work for our country, contributing in its economic growth and educational development. They may require some assistance but in the long run they are extremely beneficial to the economy. In all, Australia will be largely benefited by these refugees, in terms of population growth. If there is people in the need of help, then the ones who are able to provide this help should do so. Asking the question: Should Australia allow refugees? It is like asking the question: should Australians be compassionate people? On another note the policy of multiculturalism occurred when millions of migrants and refugees came to Australia during the 1970s. They should be welcomed with respect and compassion as this is what Australia stands for. (Most of the people who make up Australia come

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