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To: Students and Teacher in Technical Writing (EN361) course, Grantham University From: student Date: March 7, 2013 Subject: Progress Report Discussion: Vintage Meat Cleaver and related Products Collection Because we are writing a discussion post in the forum regarding hobbies and/or collections that is due on Sunday of this week, our assignment is to create a progress report that explains facts and gives information regarding these facts. This report outlines the details of the collection, including future pieces of equipment needed and how it progressed through the years. The Collection My collection includes vintage meat cleavers and other butcher Shoppe related memorabilia. Being vegetarian and a huge animal lover, there was always an odd attraction to vintage meat-related products for some reason. Most of my collection was acquired through thrift stores, yard sales, and online stores such as eBay. Over the course of five (or more) years, various pieces have been acquired including a meat grinder, hook, and Victorian cabinet cards with photos of butchers, to name a few of my favorites. Future Endeavors My great-grandmother has a butcher block in her kitchen and obtaining one would bring back many nostalgic memories. Therefore, pieces that would still be needed are an antique butcher block, as well as many various antique cleavers. The collection will never be fully completed and adding to it adds to the appeal of the collection as a whole. $20.00 is the most paid for any item and there is a yearly budget of $50-$100 total – No exceptions! Last week a miniature meat cleaver used to cut cheese was acquired, as well as a cleaver charm for a necklace. Through the Years The progression of the collection has been slow and steady. Throughout the years many pieces have been acquired from various sources. It is more important to

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