Creating a Narrative Essay

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Part 1: Generate a list of narrative essay components (refer back to pages 46-59 in your textbook). Write a one to two sentence description of each component. • Narration: Narration is the retelling of events, a story basically. This is where the writer would or should move swiftly over unimportant events; this would help the readers get from point A to point B of the story that is relevant. The writer would also slow down and provide greater details to explain events that are important to the story. • Allusions: Allusions are references to some public bit of knowledge (such as a historical event, a political situation, or a popular culture figure). An allusion can give a personal essay a more public and broader feeling; that is, it can make the ideas and events of a personal situation relate to the reader through a shared culture. • Dialogue: Dialogue, discussion between two or more people, can make an event or memory more real and engaging to the reader. It is most valuable when used to emphasize a main point and show something significant rather than simply to convey events. Part 2: Explain what strategies you will use to select a topic for an essay (see page 40 in your textbook) and then refine that topic. You should write one to two paragraphs for this part. I will refine and focus my topic by selecting one of the many strategies that I could use. I truly like a few of the suggestions on page 40 but there was one that stood out from the rest and that one I thought could be the most detailed than the rest. For example, recall an event from my past, my social life, I believe will be the best option for me to use to select and refine a topic. This topic will allow me to reflect on my past social life by asking myself these questions: When was my first date? When did I first stay out late? Did I have a lot of friends? No friends? What situation led to my

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