Create a Person Based On Bronfenbrenners Model Essay

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The Fictitious profile that I have chosen for this paper was one of a lower class Hispanic adolescent teen named Juan. Then main functions of an adolescent teen are to learn from ones actions, start to make own decisions, decide whom your friends will be; this is your last step before becoming an adult. Another major function of an adolescent is Identity vs. Role Confusion some get lost in this stage. At this point development is determined by what a person does. An adolescent must struggle to find his or her own identity through social interactions, developing a sense of morality and right from wrong. One also develops a strong affiliation and devotion to ideals, causes, values, family and friends. With the use of Bronfenbrenners Ecological Model the theory of human development will be discussed. Nurture vs. Nature in a sense through an adolescent teen will be thoroughly examined using the microsystem an adolescent’s upbringing in a Hispanic home, meosystem the influences within an adolescent life, and the macrosystem the Hispanic culture and family values. The first concept that we will go into depth will be the microsystem. In this particular fictitious profile we are dealing with the upbringing of a Hispanic adolescent. When dealing with an adolescent there are a number of areas in the microsystem. First and mainly in this particular situation Juan deals with three generations living in one home, his parents, maternal grandparents and three younger sisters. It is well known that in the Hispanic families family is a large and important part of everyday life. It is often that many Hispanic families live under the same roof with more than just a mother, father, and siblings. Thus it is lead to believe that they tend to have closer family connections, involvement, and influence into one another’s lives. The second part of the microsystem in Juan’s life would be his

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