Creaive Writing Essay

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I opened my eyes and saw nothing but darkness. I try to move my hands to reach for a light but my hand were tied to something. I wanted to call out but I was afraid. The last thing I remember was walking home from school and then someone grabbing me and placing their hand over my mouth. I heard a voice from the darkness and it said “ I see you awake now, don’t scream no one can hear you”. That was the voice of a man. He came closer and told me I can only survive if I do what he tells me to do. Then he tells me my friends are interesting and that he wants to know more about them. This was really creepy but I just listened quietly. “you have to put this mini camera on your clothing wherever you go you must keep it on or else I will kill you”. All I said was “okay” in a shivering way because well I was scared and I was shocked to, I was wondering why would he do this? Is it because he wants to torture me or just wants to know more about my life? He gave me camera and I put on my clothing then he tells me to have those pills so I had to have it. After that I fall on the ground asleep. I wake up and find myself in my room with my best friends cyrus and pearl and my parents standing and looking worried. They tell me they found me on the ground while walking home late in the afternoon and that I fainted. Was that man all a dream or was it real? Later on I tell pearl and cyrus about what happened and all they said was it was just a dream and they were probably right. At night I find a note and a camera in my jumper. I read it and it said this “ remember im watching everything and if you turn this camera off I will come and KILL YOU”. What the hell?! This was all actually real! It was morning and I forget about everything and just put the stupid camera on me. I see my friends and I hanged out with them for a while but I kind of had to avoid them because I didn’t want the

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