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Travis Garrett November 11, 2009 Being an American The civic value that I think that is the most important is our freedom of speech. The United States Constitution includes our freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights as part of the first amendment. Although there is freedom of speech there are some exceptions such as the regulation of commercial speech such as advertising. And things such as property rights for authors and inventors. Hate speech is not protected by freedom of speech. There have been efforts to ban flag desecration. Although that act currently remains protected. During the ratification of the constitution anti-federalist and state legislature felt the constitution would give to much power to the federal government. Which led to the adoption of the Bill of Rights. The first amendment which included freedom of speech was adopted in 1791. In 1798 the Bill Rights adopted the Alien Sedition Acts of 1789. It prohibited malicious and scandalous writings against the government, either house of Congress, or the President of the United States with intent to bring them into disrepute or to excite against them. In the election of 1800 they were a major political issue. The federalist aggressively used the laws against there rivals. But when Thomas Jefferson was elected he pardoned those who were convicted of the act. I could put freedom of speech to use in being able to speak my mind. Protest for or against thing that r important to me. And talk about what is right or wrong to other

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