Crazy Fish Essay

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Dear drew, Happy happy Birthday and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead. It was really good to see you at Debbie:s party, and see that you are all doing very well, and that Jayden is doing great things with his schooling, and gaining great opportunities now and for his future and also for Brice’s. And congratulations to Leonie and the school and its success, it must be really pleasing for you to see such great results now. You are such a lovely family. Lots and lots of l To Mikala believe that you are Twelve Years Old Allready. You are just Beautiful. I wish for you the most wonderful Year ahead for your happiness and always. Lots and lots of love. Dearest Dear Tanin, Happy Happy Birthday, It was so good to hear your lovely voice and a really great surprise. You sound just wonderful. Can’t wait to see you and Emily on 11.7.11. Every one here is looking forward to seeing you both, and we will organise transport for you, etc. Lots and lots of love Dear Tom, Hi! How are are you getting on these days? I hope you are enjoying living jn W. and I hope there are really nice people around you and some of your old friends as well. I came across these photos when looking through some of Mums photos and thought you might enjoy seeing them to, so I copied them for you. Rit and Bar called in to see me on Tuesday, Rit had to see her optition, to see if she is, or her eyes are good enough to drive. She has had the lenses of her eyes replaced, and is doing very well. No glasses to be warn anymore, except perhaps sun glasses. Bar has had both of his eye lenses replaced too, and is doing well. June has also had one of her eye lenses replaced, and drove herself home the same day. I might do the same when I recover.

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