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Craters || || Overview · Evaluate parameters affecting crater formation. · Find the size of the asteroid/comet that killed the dinosaurs. · Understand how you can make your own series of craters, to observe the "geological" results. · Look at and evaluate images of craters on other planets/celestial bodies. Pre-lab Questions Answer these questions: 1. What factors could affect an impact crater's shape and size? 2. Describe how varying each of these factors will alter the craters and explain how you could test these hypothesis. 3. Perform independent research to answer the following questions: Cite resources used o A. What was the size or tons of the object that impacted Earth during the late Mesozoic – often given credit for causing the dinosaur extinction? Discuss where the impact occurred, what size crater was produced, how fast it was traveling, and how did this event impact the Earth? o B. Discover images and characteristics related to the Barringer Crater in Arizona: How large was the meteorite, how large is the crater, when did the impact occur, and how fast was the meteorite moving when it hit Earth’s surface. o C. Find at least three large craters on Earth that illustrate the potential magnitude of kinetic energy that is possible at impact. List where the location of the impact, the size of the meteorite, and when the impact occurred. Introduction One look at the surface of the Moon should convince you that "empty space" is not so empty after all. There is actually a wide range of objects floating between the planets, from tiny particles to asteroids that can be a hundred miles across, debris left behind when the planets were formed. These objects can be perturbed from their orbits (by a close passage by a planet, a passing star, any number of things) and onto paths that cross ours -- or any other planet or moon. When

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