Crashed Laptop Essay

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Crashed laptop How to fix a crashed laptop? First thing to do is to find out if the laptop in question will boot up. If not then you have to go through several steps of getting the questioned laptop to boot up properly. First is you have to see if the cd rom is working on the crashed laptop. You do this by loading a backup cd that you either already have or by one that you created from a laptop that is of the same make and model of the crashed laptop. If this process does not work then you will have to reinstall MS dos which is the basic program that will run an operating system such as windows 7. I believe by just installing a windows 7 operating disk into the crashed laptop would fix the problem. I tested this theory and found that without MS dos the windows 7 operating system will not perform correctly. Therefore i then found a reboot disk that contains MS dos and loaded that into the crashed laptop. By doing this it allows the computer to read from the windows 7 disk and helps to load the program. Once the windows 7 install disk is initiated it will bring up several options on how you want to install the program. One being that you can overwrite everything on the internal memory of the crashed laptop. The other option is to update the windows operating system that is currently installed and fix all errors that are on the internal memory. After performing one of these options you will then have a working laptop that has all the files that were originally on your laptop or you will have a laptop that is like new and empty of all files that were on the laptop in the

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