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Crash is a movie based in Los Angeles, California. It brings in many different social groups of people. In this movie there is conflict, stereotyping, social cognition and prejudice. All of the people in the film are not from the same social circle. They all collide in the film and go about different ways of solving their problems. It is about different kinds of social and multicultural differences in the world around us. In the movie there is much stereotyping with race, gender, and class. Race, gender and class all have to do with what we believe about others. This movie deals with the melting pot that America is in today. It shows how people deal with theses issues of race, gender, and class. Stereotyping is defined in our book as beliefs about social groups in terms of the traits or characteristics that they are believed to share. The scene that stuck out to me the…show more content…
Social cognition is defined in our book, as the manner in which we interpret, analyze, remember, and use information about the social world. Social cognition is displayed in the movie when the wealthy white couple is walking to their car in the evening. The woman (played by Sandra Bullock) sees two black men coming towards her, she instantly holds on to her husband tighter. She saw that they were black men and instantly thought that they were going to hurt her. Stereotyping them she say they were black, so they must be harmful and out to harm her. Her view of black men was that they must be harmful and violent. She felt safer when she held on to her husband closer. She also did this in another part of the movie; when the men came to change the locks on her door, she wanted them changed again because the man who was changing them in her eyes was a “gang banger”. She was convinced that since he was Mexican that he was going to sell the key to someone else and he or she would rob the house. She is stereotyping people just because of their

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