Crash Movie-Racial Tension

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Crash of Racial Tension The movie Crash, directed by Paul Haggis is about racial discrimination in Los Angelos. It shows the racial tension and personal struggles from a couple different character viewpoints, that in the end tie together. The movie shows stereotypes, that everyday people, sometimes without their own knowledge, make towards other races. In the movie, Matt Dillon’s character, Ryan, is a perfect example of racial discrimination. His character is a shown as a racist LAPD officer that is taking out his frustration of his father’s health and living on other races. At first you would believe his racism stems from his father being racist. We then learn that his father was not a racist and was one of the few that hired black workers when other places wouldn’t. “From 1960 to 1977, the inner-city black populations grew by six million”( Lipsitz 1998). His fathers business was diminished when the city showed favor to minority businesses. We see that racial discrimination can come from the effects of society change on an individual. Racial discrimination can come from many different factors if an individual has been has been negatively affected by another race. “Contemporary racism is not just a residual consequences of slavery and de jure segregation but rather something that has been created anew in our own time by many factors”(Lipsitz 1998). In the movie Sandra Bullocks character, Jean, is a a prime example of this racism due to modern events. While driving home with her husband, they get their carjacked at gunpoint by two black characters in the movie. Because of this taking place her racial discrimination towards other races take a hold and she becomes more agitated at her house keeper, and at the Spanish man installing her knew door lock after the carjack. This racism continues until she falls down the stairs, and the only person that is

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