Crash movie Essay

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The movie, “crash”, deals with racism in a very real way. Although it is unlikely that so many stories could intertwine so well all with the same discriminatory theme, it is conceivable. People become so concerned with classifying people in a group that the warm heartedness of individuals and cultures are lost and replaced by a misconception of coldness and an array of communities that practice slighting based off the general feeling or fear of being slighted themselves. It’s human nature to stick with what looks familiar, but mistaking familiarity for superiority is when the danger of racism becomes prevalent and cultures. Officer John Ryan (Matt Dillon) , whose racism was cultivated by the dissolving of his father’s livelihood, has understandable roots in his bigotry. His father practiced equality and aided struggling black workers. One can easily see how his mind was shaped towards this prejudice. He truly believed that that black people were the root of his father’s financial trouble, which in turn dissolved his marriage, and caused his prostate disease. This anger has been displaced towards black people because the real antagonist in this situation is the hand that feeds him yet won’t pay for his father’s care; Uncle Sam Daniel (Michael Pena) becomes one of the few anecdotes of this movie. Only loosing his cool once in the film. I believe he sees himself in the world as someone responsible for the future. Maybe he is not a civil servant but he’s creating a better place for his daughter simply by not reciprocating the prejudice and ignorance that is so flagrantly thrown around in the environment. He truly tries to take an understanding and a grasp of his surroundings because he realizes the more important and bigger picture rather than the pettiness turned violence. Farhad ( Shaun Toub) is a man who is so used to being ignored and treated with such
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