Cranberries Case Essay

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Q1: Identify the bottleneck or bottlenecks in the process. Answer: We assume that the demand of berries next year is the average daily deliveries (1,365 barrels per hour). As given in the case, trucks arrive the plant randomly, which means that no truck schedule is implemented and there is no restriction on when the trucks should arrive (window time). We analyse the case based on the following assumptions. Assumption 1: The trucks load an average of 75 barrels per truck. The demand is equal to the average daily deliveries (16,380/12=1,365 barrels per hour). Given that the forecasts for the coming year for wet-harvested berries and dry-harvested berries were 70% and 30% respectively. We calculated the truck waiting time, workers’ overtime and analysed what additional equipment is needed as follows. Demand: Dry barrels per hour= 1,365*30%=410 (roundup) Wet barrels per hour= 1,365*70%=956 (roundup) Total: 1365 barrels per hour Capacity list: | |capacity(barrels per hour) | |Dumper |3,000 | |Dry bin |4,000 | |wet bin |1,200 | |flexible bin |2,000 | |destoning |4,500 | |dechaffing |4,500 | |drying |600 | |seperating |1,200 |

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