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Fire weather: Lab exercise 3 Introduction Weather is the most important factor influencing the behavior of forest fires. This lab helped us understand how the weather, temperature, relative humidity, max and average wind speed changes each day. It also helped us to where we can see how weather can easily change the intensity of a fire. Weather can make a fire more intense, change its direction, or can even help put a fire out. Knowing if the weather will change each day can help you fight a fire safely. Data was collected from 09/27/13 to 10/24/13. Methods and Materials Location: this is where the class had to collect there data at the times they were told to collect it. Paper: we used the paper to write our data down from the weather meter. Clock: we had to pay attention to the time so know when to go out and collect the information. Kestrel pocket weather meter: this is what we used to through the lab. It gathered information from relevant to relative humidity, temperature, max and average wind speed through the course of the day. The proper use of this tool, turn it on, hold it in the air for the air to circulate through the fan, push the button to get the rest of the information. Data may have changed from people in the area taking data in a different location or not going out at the right times. Weather also could have been constantly changing from wind or even rain. Results The data says recorded on October 3rd had the highest temperature it was 84.1 degrees at 3pm. The highest relative humidity was recorded on October 16th at 3pm at 93%. The day with the highest max wind speed was October 17th at 10a.m. the wind speed was 10 mph. the day with the highest average wind speed was on October 16th. This information gives us what day had the highest potential for fire ignition. That day is October 9th. Its October 9th

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