Crafting and Executing Strategy Essay

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Crafting and Executing Strategy Business 599 Strategic Management Jaurary 2013 Crafting and Executing Strategy Introduction Coca-Cola is one of the global companies and ranks in the list of most recognized brands across the globe. The company, which has its headquarters in America, started off as a beverage manufacturer and retailer back in the year 1886 with its flagship brand Coca-Cola. Today, the public limited corporation has a much wider portfolio of products ranging from carbonated drinks to concentrates and non-alcoholic syrups (Coca Cola Company). This paper is based on the coca cola company and highlights the importance of the company’s strategic plan. Creativity and innovation is embedded in the very culture of the organization, and if there is one thing that has achieved the company all the success it enjoys today it is its strategic direction and its strategic planning. Discussion Importance of Strategic Planning of Coca Cola The success of any business depends upon its planning that shows how it is moving ahead in the future. Financial services of the business are not so different. In strategic planning, one of the main point is business planning which is of considerable importance. The strategic planning of the company has provided strategic direction for the organizational management as a whole (Demetris &Lain, 2003). This strategic planning ahs provided a particular direction to different areas of the company such as marketing, financial, human resource and organizational developments which helps in achieving success. Mission Statement for the Company The mission of the company declares its purpose of existence. The mission of the company helps in serving the standards against which the actions and decisions of the company are being weighed. The mission of the company serves as the foundation of
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