Crafting And Executing Strategy Essay

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Discuss the corporate culture at Southwest Airlines and how it leverages its culture to achieve a competitive advantage. The Southwest Airlines culture is one of good money and good times. The founder never really has taken the liking of corporate American culture of staunch and hard line business only environment. The corporate culture is one that makes working a fun and invested experience. Current CEO Gary Kelly reflects on his first day at the company he was told to wear Hawaiian shorts and a polo, and how he believed he was being tricked, but it turned out to just be Hawaiian day (Bailey, 2008). This type of fun loving environment translates into revenue. Employees feel valued and committed to the success of the company. Companies that have good customer service and a welcoming environment are often the first and best choice for consumers. Southwest has applied that theory in every aspect, they have in turn consistently been the American airline with the lowest customer complaint ratio per customer flight, every year since 1978 when reporting began (Kelly, About us, 2011). Beginning with the leadership there are rules and expectations for all to invest and participate in creating and maintaining the Southwest culture. To continue the success of the culture every one must dedicate themselves to the rules. Ensure that all employees from the top to the bottom understand it is their culture to own! There are committees to ensure the company is keeping pace and sensitive to the employees changes and needs. The leadership is responsible and rated on their participation and reflection of the culture, if they are not the type of leaders that conform to the culture they will not be promoted. Line employees are given a portion of their performance evaluation that is a measurable value of how they are participating in promoting the corporate culture
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